I am a fifth-year PhD student in Computer Science at UT Arlington. My research interests are in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Medical Image Analysis. I am doing my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Junzhou Huang. My research projects include Cell/Nuclei Segmentation, Detection, Classification, etc.

I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2014. After that, I worked as a Software Engineer at Therap Services for two years.


Programming : Python, C, C++, Java, MATLAB, Scala, Linux Shell script, Prolog, Assembly 8086
ML tools : PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, MatConvNet, TensorBoard
Web : PHP, JSP, FTL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XSL
Database : Oracle, MySQL, PL/SQL
Frameworks & API : Spring, Servlet, Hibernate, Zend, JUnit, jQuery, Bootstrap, OpenGL
Tools : Git, AWS, Gradle, Oracle SQL Developer, LaTeX, Packet Tracer


Graduate Research Assistant

June 2021 - Present
The University of Texas at Arlington

Graduate Teaching Assistant

August 2016 - May 2021
The University of Texas at Arlington

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), my responsibilities include conducting classes, exam proctoring, grading exams and assignments, and helping students with their assignments and codes. So far, I have served as a GTA for these courses: Algorithms & Data Structures, Data Analysis & Modeling Techniques, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages, Object-Oriented Programming with C++, Introduction to Programming, and Introduction to Programming for Engineers.

Software Engineer

August 2014 - June 2016
Therap Services LLC
Dhaka, Bangladesh

As a Software Engineer, I was involved in developing new features and enhancing functionality of existing modules, proper integration of third-party software, solving critical issues, fixing bugs, code refactoring, code reviewing, and doing research on user authentication and access control. While working there, the language and tools that I used include Java, Oracle, Spring Framework, Servlet, JSP, FTL, JavaScript, etc.


Sub-type Cell Segmentation: Simultaneous cell/nuclei segmentation and classification framework implemented in Python and PyTorch. Instance segmentation, fine-grained classification and self-supervised learning techniques were applied.
Domain Adaptation for Cell Segmentation: A semantic segmentation model implemented in Python, PyTorch and Keras. Adversarial learning was applied due to the lack of annotations.
Face Recognition with Deep Convolutional Neural Network: An implementation of Deep CNN model in which FaceNet was used as feature extractor. The model was written in Python and TensorFlow.
Cell Detection and Classification with Convolutional Neural Network: Simultaneous cell detection and classification framework implemented in MATLAB and MatConvNet.
Deep Neural Network for Image Classification: A deep L-layer image classifier implemented in Python. NumPy, Matplotlib, PIL and SciPy packages were used.
Traffic Crash and Driver Distractions Classification: A crash-severity predictive model using Logistic Regression and Decision Tree algorithm. The model can also classify if a driver is distracted or not. The model was implemented in Python using Pandas and NumPy packages.
Face Recognition with Kernel Support Vector Machine: This framework was written in MATLAB. Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis were applied for dimensionality reduction. Polynomial kernel with degree 2 was chosen as the kernel. Linear SVM and K-NN algorithm were also implemented for performance comparisons.
Altered Fingerprint Matching: An altered/obfuscated fingerprint matching framework using Support Vector Machine with radial basis kernel, and K-nearest neighbor algorithm. Model was implemented with MATLAB and libSVM library. NBIS was used for extracting features from fingerprint images.
Text article Classification with Bayesian Learning: An implementation of Naive Bayes classifier for text documents classification. The model was written in Java.
An N-node Distributed System: Implementation of Berkeley’s algorithm for logical clock synchronization and Vector Clock algorithm for totally ordered multicasting. Project was built in Java.
Bd-Bay System Design: System design for an online payment-on-delivery system using Use-Case diagram, Class diagram, Collaboration diagram, Sequence diagram and State-chart diagram.


Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Cell Segmentation
Mohammad Minhazul Haq, Junzhou Huang
Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL), 2020
Graph Attention Multi-instance Learning for Accurate Colorectal Cancer Staging
Ashwin Raju, Jiawen Yao, Mohammad Minhazul Haq, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Junzhou Huang
Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2020

Extra-curricular Activities

Problem Solver at Leetcode and UVa Online Judge
Participant, Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2017 (Ranking 344)
Volunteer & Code Reviewer, Java Fest 2014, Bangladesh
Contestant, Weekly Programming Contest, BUET